Argentum Mentoring

Suzan Hooper

Suzan is a licensed Aesthetician from Arizona US and started her homeopathic practice from scratch a year ago (in spite of finishing her homoeopathy school 10 years ago).

Because she had no patients and no confidence to use homoeopathy.

This is how she went on to build a successful foundation for her homoeopathy practice using the Stages Framework that she learnt in Argentum Mentoring to create a series of highly successful case studies each with deep s ustained healing in just under a year…

All in a small isolated town in US where no one knows about homoeopathy…

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Marchon Schüler

Dr Marchon runs her Integrative Medicine Practice in Palmer Lakes US since the last 20 years before she joined Argentum.

She has a great practice and works with highly challenging cases such as MI, Multiple Myeloma, Brain injuries etc but struggles to complete the healing in certain obstinate cases.

In this video she shares how she uses the Homeopathic Stages Framework she learned in Argentum Mentoring to remove these blocks and catapult her success rate and create an incredible outcome for her patients with her homoeopathy.

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Margrit Schreier

Margrit is a researcher and a methodologist in psychology from Jacobs university Bremen Germany trained in classical and sensation homoeopathy but she was struggling to implement it for every patient. Then she used the homeopathic stages framework and boosted her success rate in patients when her favourite approaches just did not work.

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