Here's what you'll get as an Argentum Observership Member...

  • 500+ Dynamic Highly Challenging Multilayered Multimiasmatic STUCK Case Studies
  • 6300+ Followups and Prescriptions so you learn how Strategy Stacking works in real life
  • 800+ Argentum Discussion Threads with burning questions on every facet of homoeopathic practice

These numbers keep growing 24/7 through weeks, months and years.

Plus if you join today, you get these Bonus trainings Free for the duration of your membership.

  • Argentum Training #1: Becoming a Multi-Dimentional Practitioner. It covers your toolkit within the Classical and Breakthrough Strategies. It has 6 modules and 52 lessons. You have 24/7 access to this training while you are a member.
  • Argentum Training #2 Homoeopathic Startup Strategy It covers 55 lessons that will cover thousands of therapeutics for clinical conditions and diseases on almost every system and organ in the body. Plus you can see their implementation through real cases by doctors at the Mumbai Homoeopathic Hospital. You have 24/7 access to this training while you are a member.
  • Get Fully Booked Business Training Program: For heart centered practices to attract your ideal clients without advertising and hype. You have 24/7 access to this training while you are a member.

Looking for more?


1) 12 Month Structured Course: Developing into A MultiDimensional Practitioner

12 month Training program on how to implement Classical and Breakthrough Strategies using various approaches Eg Hahnemannian, Kentian, Boenninghausen, Delusional, Group Analysis, Sensation etc.

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2) 12 Month Structured Course: Homeopathic Startup Course

12 month training Program on how to implement Startup Strategies for various conditions eg Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Respiratory, Metabolic, Female Reproductive, Pregnancy and Labor etc...

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3) 12 Module Course: Fully Booked Business Building

Practice Building Training on how to attract your ideal clients and get fully booked without advertising and hype.

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4) Access and Learn from 500+ Highly Challenging Complex Cases.

Each Argentum Mentoring Member submits their private cases for Shilpa to look at for which she personally analyses and determines the best strategy and prescription.
You will have access to all these cases submitted since 2012 and new cases that will be analysed during your membership period.

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5) Access and Learn from 6300+ Followup unfoldings

Each Argentum Mentoring Member submits follow ups for every case which Shilpa personally analyses and determines the right strategy based on Strategy Stacking process so as to ensure they are on track.
If they are stuck, she helps them prescribe targeted blockbusters using a range of remedies such as organ remedies, sarcodes, tautopathic, isopathic, vaccine remedies, anti miasmatics, nosodes etc.
You will have access to all these followups submitted since 2012 and new followups that will be analysed during your membership period.

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6) Access and Learn from 800+ Argentum Discussions.

Each Argentum Mentoring Member submits their most burning questions on patient communication, management and any clinical situation that arises in everyday practice.
Shilpa and the Argentum Mentoring Members brainstorm to help them find a solution.
You will have access to all these discussions submitted since 2012 and new discussions that will be submitted during your membership period.

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7) Submit your own private cases for Personalised One-on-One Case Mentoring.

Each Argentum Mentoring Member can submit as many cases as they want and and as many times they want (24/7) onto the Argentum Mentoring Portal for Shilpa to look at and guide.
She will look into the case and analyse it as if it were her own clinical case and provide detailed analysis, strategy and prescription protocol for that case.

No No Yes
8) Submit your analysis for Private Cases of other Argentum Members.

You can submit your own analysis and strategies on submitted cases by Argentum Mentoring Members. This way you can engage, brainstorm, ask questions on specific strategies in the case and get help from Shilpa and other members to sharpen your clinical skills and knowledge on Strategy Stacking through real patient cases.

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9) Submit your personal questions and engage on the Argentum Discussion forum..

You can engage, brainstorm and get help from positive like minded Argentum Mentoring Members for your burning questions on challenges in your everyday clinical practice and patient situations that arise within the Member's only Discussion Forum.

No No Yes
10) Submit your private questions and engage with trainers within Argentum Courses..

Each Argentum Mentoring Member can submit private questions for Shilpa if they need clarification on a specific strategy, tool or approach discussed during the training.
She will personally provide answers to help you learn and implement those tools in your own practices.

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11) Attend Live Personalised Interactive Coaching Calls with Shilpa.

Each month from February to November, Argentum Mentoring Members participate in live interactive sessions with Shilpa.
She chooses three hot seat cases or a clinical situation each month.
She then reviews, tweaks and turbo charges the solution.
The idea is to get you unstuck, and put you on the fast track through these highly powerful sessions.

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12) Members only Past Argentum Live Session Recordings.

Each live interactive session is recorded and available immediately to Argentum Members. We have over 160+ hours of recordings of these calls since 2012. These sessions are full of gold nuggets and clinical wisdom on every facet of clinical homoeopathy to keep you on the leading edge.

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13) Argentum Members Only Discount on Courses No No Yes
Training Courses
Observership subscription
Argentum 2020 12 month program. Super early bird offer*.

*There are no spots available this year in Argentum Mentoring. This is the Super Early Bird Discount for Argentum Mentoring 2020 starting in February.
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Imagine The Homeopathic Success You Could Achieve With One-On-One case Guidance From An Experienced Homeopathic Practitioner As Your Personal Mentor!

Dear Fellow homeopath,

Many homeopaths are troubled by uncertainty in homeopathic case analysis process, and confused about the progress of certain cases. With wildly conflicting opinions in the homeopathic circle on what method of prescribing are good or bad, it’s easy to see why many homeopaths, especially those that are just about to start practice sitting on the sidelines, are unsure what to do.

The truth is that through history homeopathy has evolved into different strategies but not all of them are suited for every patient at all times! Those who know how to choose the right strategy for the right patient can unlock the potential in homeopathy and can stand to offer the best of homeopathy to their patients where other homeopaths are paralysed by indecision.

Any homeopath can provide a homeopathic remedy when the patient's disease will recover anyway, but when the disease is truly chronic, deep seated, not responding to any therapy then it’s the skilled and properly trained homeopaths who will achieve success as skill supersedes luck.

The question is - where can you turn for good advice and help to cut through the confusion so you can provide that for your patients too?

That's where we can help. We won't ever try to sell you a method of prescribing or strategy. Instead, we'll train you to become a well educated and sophisticated homeopath who sensibly uses tried and tested strategies to benefit more patients in a handful of months than most homeopaths make in years through trial and error.

Don't just take our word for it... the testimonials included on this page demonstrate what's possible when you're properly trained and mentored by experienced homeopathic experts.

Although I have only been on the Argentum mentoring programme a few months, I can already see results. Shilpa is courteous, respectful and considerate yet still gets into the crux of your problem, without mincing words. Instead of being "out there, struggling alone", she offers a lifeline. I have every confidence in her ability as she has had a very diverse training, in all aspects and stages of homoeopathic prescribing.
I find it refreshing and immensely helpful in having a structured way to proceed in how to treat a patient.
The group offers a wide variety of cases from all members, providing plenty of opportunity to study not only different patients, but how other practitioners think.
Since I have joined Argentum, not only has my success rate improved, my practice has become busier . I put that down to the fact that I am more confident and know I have a reliable mentor to fall back on. This cannot be overstressed for a successful and busy practice.

Madeleine Innocent WA

Consistently for the last eight years we've been training homeopaths and CAM practitioners at all levels of experiences and methods of prescribing on how to use use a step by step analysis format in cases for a satisfying outcome. Created by a Shilpa Bhouraskar with her panel of experienced and successful homeopathic practitioners, including homeopathic doctors, ARGENTUM is a professionally run mentoring program where we take in a selection of people every year to be mentored and trained in the art of homeopathic case management.

I have known about Argentum Mentoring since its inception. I joined as soon as I felt I had time to participate. I want the best for my clients, so I want to keep learning and to do my best for them.

My background is in Mental Health nursing, so my homoeopathic case-taking has naturally gravitated towards the mentals in the quest to finding the underlying cause of dis-ease in each case. As my case taking has evolved, I have found that I often get a lot of great information about the case. Utilising this for remedy selection has not always fitted in with the strategies I have learned to date, and I have been stuck with where to go next. Shilpa and Argentum Mentoring have helped me work through this. I have gleaned insights into what stage a case is at, how to work at each stage, and how to take cases to the next level.

At first, being part of the group made me lose confidence. I felt like I'd just graduated again and knew nothing. However, 6 months down the track I feel like my understanding is growing all over again and my prescriptions getting better all the time. This flows through to my clients in the way I can treat and support them.

Argentum provides such an incredible source of information for participants. With regular post of resources, e-books, video tutorials, discussion topics and case-analysis, learning is continuous.

Argentum is all online. This is great, as we can access the service no matter where we live. I remember when I graduated from college being told "the real learning begins once you start practicing". How true that is, and how important to have support as you move through this next stage of learning. I have been in practice for 10 years and still feel like I have so much to learn. Argentum provides support for my own cases and I get to learn from everyone else's. It's fantastic! I highly recommend the service to any homoeopath of any age, at any stage of practice.

Michelle Hookham NSW

It's an incredible experience and the main reason why my practice is predominantly homeopathic. I love the group interaction, sharing of ideas, particularly in dealing with clients. The aspect of analysing cases from different perspectives and clarifying case management is invaluable.

Jacqui Harrison, Naturopath NSW


Are you looking for a homeopathic mentor? Someone to take you by the hand and guide you past the many perils and pitfalls of homeopathic case management? How valuable would it be to have an Experienced homeopathic Coach to work at your level of experience and take your homeopathy to the next level?

Recognising the need for high-quality impartial mentoring assistance, we’ve assembled a selected hand-picked experienced homeopaths, to deliver the ARGENTUM Mentoring Program.

Only dedicated and committed practitioners using homoeopathy are accepted into this highly acclaimed intensive system, to be allocated a 1-on-1 case support and then trained to become an elite professional homoeopaths.

A Rare Opportunity

There are only limited seats opened every year

The Truth About Homeopathic Practice

Homeopathic practice can be a lonely road when you are trying to navigate it by yourself. Not only is it hard to apply theory in practical cases, but finding a like-minded person to help support your vision can be very difficult.

Argentum provides solutions at every level of homeopathy.I like the forums and the constant encouragement they provide. I just want to keep going as I have so much to learn.

Frederique Merriman NSW

For example, many people walk away from seminars bright eyed and bushy tailed only to end up scratching their heads when they try to apply what they learned. All of a sudden what made sense earlier now seems a whole lot harder.

Sadly, many homeopaths fall away blaming themselves when all they really need is a solution exactly where they are blocked and then some support along the way.

Here's The Truth...

Homeopathic practice can be hard, especially if you do it alone.

Like Minded Homeopaths

Do you know the story of the ugly duckling? It’s where a baby swan is ‘born’ into a family of ducks and then excluded for looking different.

We see the same thing all the time with homeopaths who find unconventional approaches so fascinating and answering many unanswered questions they always had about homeopathy. They want to talk, share these experiences but Hahnemannian practitioners don't seem to understand their point of view.

Here’s a newsflash: it’s okay to aspire to a different way of looking at cases when your favourite approach does not work. In fact, you’re not alone! Forget the ducks... come and feel right at home with the swans and hang out with like minded homeopaths who all share the same vision of integrative practice. And are successfully using a range of approaches for their patients to offer the best potential of homeopathy for them.

Argentum provides me a renewed sense of purpose and an excited enthusiasm for homeopathic practice...

I love the 'inclusiveness' that is created in recognising & appreciating the varieties of practice within this framework...

The inherent respect for differing practices & the possibilities of understanding these approaches/ analysis as being not 'right' or 'wrong' but rather about different levels of the experience of disease or ill-health... perhaps as much about 'where the patient is at' as anything else.

(Or perhaps 'where the practitioner is at' ??)

As a new practitioner I also see it as providing a sound flexibility in approach, encouraging a 'broad spectrum' competency which seems particularly suitable to contemporary homeopathic practice here in Australia. It's fantastic!!

Lee Formica NSW

Argentum Mentoring

ARGENTUM is like a members-only club for any practitioner who is interesting in offering homeopathy who know they deserve a better practice and want to use the entire spectrum of homeopathic tooks and resources as the vehicle to take them there. Once inside, you'll be stunned to see how homeopaths - just like you - are achieving satisfaction using skills and knowledge that you'll receive too. In case you're wondering, ARGENTUM is the same homeopathic remedy that represents skill, creativity, communication, intellect, brainstorming ideas and performance. The Program offers guidance in fine tuning individual specialities, talent and skill sets and is the perfect motto for what the mentoring program aims to deliver for its members.

Imagine how much easier homeopathic case management would be if you could submit your case for an experienced and skilled homeopathic practitioner to look at whenever you hit an obstacle?

Aside from support like you've never experienced before, ARGENTUM is about equipping you to become a successful and elite homeopath.

Amazing Fact!

Over the last 10 years, ARGENTUM members have learned from one-on-one case mentoring from over 500 individual cases!


There are 3 parts to Argentum.

The case section gives me great practice and feedback for different suggestions and guidance for the practitioner who has put the case up.

The section on discussion is great as there are no judgements with people's comments and the topics are very varied from clinical topics to practice management.

Thirdly education, where the main mentors put up a topic every 2 weeks plus any one of the group can post an educational topic when ever they wish. It isn't restricted to only homoeopathic practitioners. There is a general sense of support and enthusiasm within the group. I am in isolation at my practice and living conditions and I am now in contact with many practitioners and feel as if the group as a whole is the best scenario next to face to face groups.

Sally Moore WA

Throughout the program you'll be exposed to homeopathic concepts that will open your eyes to multiple ways of looking at a case that most successful homeopaths use to dramatically improve their success. We do this by:

After just four weeks of starting we guarantee you'll be astounded by how far you have progressed as a homeopath. If you can achieve that much in one month, imagine where you'll be after by the end of the year!

Shilpa provides good explanations, encouragement, case taking tips, what rubrics to choose and why, Its good all round homeopathy at all levels and techniques.

Shirley NSW

Achieve Peak Performance

If your homeopathic practice has not achieved everything you thought you could, wait until you see our tried-and-tested program for ensuring you tap into your full potential! By following a step by step written road to successful prescription.

Leverage from other's knowlege. We do this by: