Argentum Mentoring Case Studies

If you've ever wondered about if this is right for you, I've got 12 amazing Case Studies for you.
These are homoeopathic practitioners using different types of homoeopathy in all kinds of niches and places across the world.
And they came into this with radically different levels of experience.
From conventional medicine doctors, dentists and nurses to people from the corporate world, researchers and lay people who were personally impacted by homoeopathy.

They've got some pretty incredible stories, and I think they'll help you see what's possible with Argentum Mentoring. Take a look.. and click on any of them to watch the full case study

- Shilpa Bhouraskar

Dr Lisa Robbins

Dr Lisa didn't know much about homoeopathy when she trained and worked as an internal medicine physician so she set out to learn as much as she could...hands on, by implementing it in her patients.

And what she discovered drastically changed her and her patient's lives and now her dream is to change the way people will look at physicians and healthcare in US.

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Marchon Schüler

Dr Marchon runs her Integrative Medicine Practice in Palmer Lakes US since the last 20 years before she joined Argentum.

She has a great practice and works with highly challenging cases such as MI, Multiple Myeloma, Brain injuries etc but struggles to complete the healing in certain obstinate cases.

In this video she shares how she uses the Homeopathic Stages Framework she learned in Argentum Mentoring to remove these blocks and catapult her success rate and create an incredible outcome for her patients with her homoeopathy.

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Kristina Earl

Kristina is a body work therapist and practices in Canada in a farming country area.

She went travelling for a year and came home in January 2020...just before the COVID epidemic hit the world.

She was determined to restart her body work practice and to add homoeopathy as a modality.

This is when I met her in Argentum.

In the last one year, Kristina has built a successful practice where 80% of her practice is now homoeopathic.

In this video she shares how she used the Stages Framework in Argentum to build her practice by introducing homoeopathy to people in her farming community who had absolutely no idea what homoeopathy was!

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Mitzi Toi

Mitzi lives in Innsbruck Austria and went to study homoeopathy under some of the biggest names in homoeopathy such as Vithoulkas, Massimo and Sankaran.

While she was fascinated with their beautiful seminar cases, she struggled to implement these approaches in her patients. She began seriously doubting her ability, skills and knowledge in homoeopathy and was on the verge of giving up….

Until she found the Startup strategy in Argentum mentoring and it changed her homeopathic practice completely. Check out her story.

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Fatima Ho

Fatima from Canada has a background in Dental Medicine and used the Startup strategy she learned in Argentum Mentoring to kickstart her homeopathic success while she was just in her final year of homoeopathy school.

Thanks to her strategies, she’s gone from struggling to keep clients to create successes that build her successful integrative homeopathic practice.

Check out her story to see how she follows her passion to success.

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Suzan Hooper

Suzan is a licensed Aesthetician from Arizona US and started her homeopathic practice from scratch a year ago (in spite of finishing her homoeopathy school 10 years ago).

Because she had no patients and no confidence to use homoeopathy.

This is how she went on to build a successful foundation for her homoeopathy practice using the Stages Framework that she learnt in Argentum Mentoring to create a series of highly successful case studies each with deep s ustained healing in just under a year…

All in a small isolated town in US where no one knows about homoeopathy…

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Julie Donald

Julie Donald from Australia was a registered nurse when she found her calling in homoeopathy.

She decided to enrol in a homoeopathy school however life got in the way and she could not make that transition into practice for 11 long years until she found Argentum Mentoring.

Check out the tips that have made her transition successful in homoeopathy practice where majority of students in her situation would have simply given up on their dreams..

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Margrit Schreier

Margrit is a researcher and a methodologist in psychology from Jacobs university Bremen Germany trained in classical and sensation homoeopathy but she was struggling to implement it for every patient. Then she used the homeopathic stages framework and boosted her success rate in patients when her favourite approaches just did not work.

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Dr. Priya Varughese

Priya Varughese MD from New York USA had a background in conventional medicine but decided to go the alternative way.

So she went deep dive into homoeopathy and graduated from a homoeopathy school.

However even after graduation in spite of having supervisors and support from her homoeopathy school she did not feel she had enough confidence to practice homoeopathy.

Here are some of the lessons she has learned that helped her transition from learning to practicing homeopathy and build the foundation of her dream practice.

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Deb Maurer

Deb lives in a tiny town in Queensland Australia with just 1400 people and ran a tiny practice that was practically hidden under a rock.
How did she put herself out there to take her practice to the next level?

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Avatika Srivastava

Avantika a Japanese translator and interpreter had no background in health and medicine. A personal health and life changing experience with homoeopathy got her to study it so she could help other people come off life long illnesses and medications.

However when she started her practice she realised that although she got good results in acute cases, she struggled to create a sustained long term resolution in chronic deep seated conditions with homoeopathy.

Here is how she overcame that obstacle and starting gaining the confidence to use tools that she never used before to give her clients the best potential of deep homoeopathy

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Jayne Evans

Jayne lives in a small town Malanda in Queensland Australia. She specialises in women’s health.

She struggled to get her patients coming back for a followup and committing to deep healing.

She shares how she uses the stages framework to take her patients on a journey and build their confidence and trust in homoeopathy.

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Marchon Schüler Part 2

This is an advanced case study and not for beginners..

Dr Marchon is a leader in the field of natural medicine, herbs, nutrition and homoeopathy. In her first interview on this page ( which was taken after one year in Argentum) she spoke about how she uses the Stages Framework to provide successful results with homoeopathy in some of the most challenging cases such as brain trauma, MS, cancers and other intense pathologies when conventional doctors have given up.

In doing so she went on to grow her clinic to a point when she was fully booked.

So fast forward 3 years later and in this sequel interview Dr Marchon speaks on how she exponentially expanded her impact and took her success, homoeopathy and impact to the next level.

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